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Welcome to Kennedy & Co, your first choice for interior design in Newtown. As a renowned and trusted boutique design studio, we bring passion, commitment, and unparalleled customer service to every project we undertake. We are specialists in home interior design and kitchen redesigns and are dedicated to creating a beautifully functional living space that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle.

Kennedy & Co

Your Local Interior Designer & Decorator in Newtown – Kennedy & Co

Nestled in the heart of Victoria, Newtown is known for its vibrant culture and lifestyle. This aspect deeply inspires us at Kennedy & Co, adding a creative edge to our design approach. Drawing inspiration from Newtown’s charm, we meticulously create interior designs that are a beautiful blend of functionality and aesthetics. Our ultimate goal is to design a space that not only looks great but also feels like home.

As an experienced interior decorator in Newtown, we understand the local trends, giving us an advantage in creating designs that beautifully resonate with Newtown’s  laid-back lifestyle. We are also familiar with the architectural nuances of Newtown and utilise our knowledge in creating designs that seamlessly blend with the external surroundings.

[ Our Testimonials ]
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    We absolutely loved going with Tara! She was extremely patient with us while designing our dream kitchen as part of our house extension and renovation..

    Initially we were so overwhelmed with the design process and decided to ask for help from a professional, we are now so happy with the design and can't wait to see it come to life. Would highly recommend Tara

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    I recently used Kennedy and co for my kitchen renovation after a friend recommended them.

    Tara was fantastic and so easy to deal with. She made the whole process easy as she knew exactly the style I was after. Tara really nailed it and I could not be happier with the final outcome. From the cupboard colour, bench tops, taps and fittings everything just came together perfectly.

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    Tara was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional.

    She helped transform an older house we purchased which included a full renovation of bathrooms, flooring, kitchen and knocking down walls. She gave excellent advice and made sure we were informed on processes the whole way through. Helped choosing colours based on ideas and guidance to make a perfect family home bringing our dreams and vision to life. I would definitely recommend Tara for your project. You won’t be disappointed. We can’t thank her enough and get so many comments on anyone who walks through our doors.

We look forward to working with you on your next home interior or renovation project.
Kennedy & Co
Kennedy & Co
Design Studio
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Superior Kitchen Designer in Newtown – From Inspiration to Installation

At Kennedy & Co, we believe that the kitchen is more than just a space for cooking. It is the heart of your home, filled with love, laughter, and mouth-watering aromas. So we go beyond basic templates to provide personalised kitchen designs based on your cooking habits, storage needs, and aesthetic preferences.

Our kitchen designer service in Newtown includes discussing your needs in detail, planning a layout, choosing materials and finishes, selecting fixtures and appliances, and finally, bringing your dream kitchen to life. We make sure that our designs balance style and functionality, creating a kitchen that enhances your culinary experience.

Why choose Kennedy & Co as your Interior Designer in Newtown

We look forward to working with you on your next home interior or renovation project.
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  • Local Understanding

    We are locally based, meaning we understand both the unique design trends and the specific architectural elements typical to Newtown.

  • Holistic Approach

    Our design approach goes beyond the visuals, considering functional needs too. We aim at creating spaces that fulfil all your lifestyle needs.

  • Highly Experienced

    Led by Tara Kennedy, who has over a decade of experience in building and renovating homes, our team offers unmatched expertise.

  • Wide Portfolio

    Although based in Newtown, we have also successfully completed projects in Altona NorthGeelong, and Kingsville. This diversity in the portfolio testifies to our adaptability and versatility in design.

How to Create a Harmonious and Functional Living Space

Creating a harmonious and functional living space starts with understanding your lifestyle and preferences. Next, you need to plan your space wisely, considering the natural light, traffic flow, and furniture placement. Also, a key aspect is choosing a colour scheme and furniture that reflects your personal style. Finish off with personal touches like family photos, decorative items, and meaningful artworks.

At Kennedy & Co, we make this overwhelming process easy for you by providing expert guidance at every step. Give us a call at 0421 373 547 for a friendly consultation.

Kitchen Renovation: Options to suit all Newtown Homes

If your kitchen feels outdated, lacks functionality, or simply doesn’t match your style, a makeover by Kennedy & Co might be just what you need. We manage every aspect of your kitchen renovation, from layout planning to appliance integration, selection of materials, and the management of tradespeople. From minor updates to major transformations, we have your kitchen renovation needs in Newtown covered.

Kennedy & Co
Kennedy & Co
Kennedy & Co

Ready to Begin your Interior Design Journey with Kennedy & Co in Newtown?

If you’re ready to give your home a fresh new look or want to design your kitchen to improve its functionality, we at Kennedy & Co are here to help. Our team of expert interior designers in Newtown is just a phone call away to create your dream home. For a no-obligation consultation, please call us directly at 0421 373 547.

Remember – your home should be a reflection of you. So, let’s give it the makeover it deserves together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Interior Designer in Newtown

What Sets Kennedy & Co Apart From Other Interior Designers In Newtown?

Kennedy & Co is a renowned boutique design studio located in Newtown. Our passion, commitment, and unparalleled customer service sets us apart. We specialise in home interior design and kitchen redesigns, offering designs that beautifully resonate with Newtown’s laid-back lifestyle.

How Does Kennedy & Co Approach Kitchen Design In Newtown?

At Kennedy & Co, we consider the kitchen as the heart of your home. We go beyond basic templates to provide personalised kitchen designs based on your cooking habits, storage needs, and aesthetic preferences. Our kitchen design service in Newtown includes comprehensive planning, selection of materials and finishes, and appliance integration.

Can Kennedy & Co Handle My Kitchen Renovation Needs In Newtown?

Absolutely! Kennedy & Co manages every aspect of your kitchen renovation in Newtown, from layout planning to the selection of materials, appliance integration, and the management of tradespeople. From minor updates to major transformations, we have you covered.

Why Should I Choose Kennedy & Co For Interior Design In Newtown?

Kennedy & Co offers local understanding of Newtown’s unique design trends and architectural elements. Our holistic approach goes beyond the visual to create spaces that address your lifestyle needs. Led by Tara Kennedy, who has over a decade of experience, our team offers unmatched expertise and versatility.

How Can I Begin My Interior Design Journey With Kennedy & Co In Newtown?

To begin your interior design journey in Newtown with Kennedy & Co, simply give us a call at 0421 373 547 for a no-obligation consultation. Our team of expert interior designers is ready to help create your dream home.