Bathroom Interior Design

Kennedy & Co Design Studio

Elevate your home with a bathroom designed to match your personality and needs. At Kennedy & Co, our designers in Melbourne and surrounds specialise in creating practical and aesthetically pleasing bathrooms customised to your daily routine, storage requirements, and taste.

With extensive experience as bathroom interior designers in Melbourne and Victoria alike, we possess a deep understanding of layout intricacies. This proficiency empowers us to maximise space efficiency and tailor storage solutions that seamlessly fit any sized space and individual, while maintaining your preference in aesthetic and style.The result? A welcoming and personalised bathroom that not only mirrors you, but also becomes a space you can take pride in, regardless of any constraints in size.

The Kennedy & Co Design Studio team is comprised of Interior Design Studio experts

For as long as I can remember, my love and passion for Interiors started at a very young age. Over the last 10 years, I have owned, built, and renovated 5 houses.

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