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Kennedy & Co Design Studio

As a philosophy, we believe in human-centered design principles to guide the process of creating homes that please the eye and the inhabitants.We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to understand what their needs and desires are so that we may deliver a solution that excels in both form and function.

Kennedy & Co Design Studio
Tara Kennedy
head designer of Kennedy and Co

From a young age, I loved making my room beautiful. I grew up with a Ken Done doona, a pastel pink bed frame and lots of soft blues around my room. Funnily enough, pink and blue is still my favourite colour combination. I find them cool and calming (you’ll see from my website that white is also a pretty clear favourite of mine these days). As a kid, I was constantly rearranging and redesigning my bedroom – once, to my parents’ horror, at 2am, complete with a vacuum to finish it off. Let’s just say I kept my bedroom makeovers for daylight hours after that. But not even Mum and Dad’s not-so-pleased reaction could dull my passion for interior design.

It was actually my parents who instilled my appreciation for beautiful homes. Growing up I lived in a house with stunning cathedral ceilings. My parents built and renovated many times throughout my childhood, and each time I was fascinated with the different architecture. But despite my keen interest when I was a young girl, it wasn’t until seven years ago that I realised how much I still loved the design process of creating a home.

I worked in beauty therapy for a decade. Along the way I met my husband, had three beautiful boys and built, bought and renovated a few houses ourselves.

Our biggest renovation to date was a stunning 1940s red curved brick home. In seven-and-a-half weeks – in the midst of the pandemic – we removed eight walls and converted the three bedroom, one bathroom house to a four bedroom, two bathroom home with open-plan living. I documented our journey on social media and that’s really where my design career all started. I knew I’d found my passion and my purpose and became a qualified interior designer.

Most recently, my husband and I built our dream home on the Surf Coast where the beach meets the bush. It was the perfect location to showcase my love of coastal neutral style – and even better, I now have my very own cathedral ceilings.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on some incredible projects, helping clients create their own beautiful spaces in their homes, from kitchen re-designs to sourcing furniture, homewares, artwork and selecting paint colours.

When I meet with a client, my sole objective is to help them achieve their dream space, whether it’s warm and cosy or open and airy. I love getting to meet new people and discovering what styles and trends they lean towards. Everyone is different and I feel privileged to be the person to bring their visions to life.